Just Say YES and "Let Your Event Source Handle The Rest!"
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Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of planning your event?

Your Event Source can coordinate and manage all aspects of your event. So whether you are planning a formal event for thousands or a casual event for 10 people, already have a theme in mind or not, are working on a shoestring budget or not, put our event planners to work for you. Our experienced event planners will use their industry knowledge to design an event that is well-suited to your specific needs and help you avoid the pre-event headache and enjoy a smoothly-run event.

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 We provide you with the greatest selection of innovative equipment and supplies

No two events are the same…Whether this is your first event with us or your tenth event, we constantly change our inventory and purchase new equipment on an ongoing basis to ensure you have access to new and different equipment every time. And for your peace of mind and that of your guests, all equipment is properly maintained and inspected, plus operators on the YES staff are trained on each piece of equipment and no temporary staffing firms are used.

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Have you said YES yet for your next event?

No matter what the occasion, our professional and reliable team commits to ensuring
the best experience possible for you and your guests, from start to finish.

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Be sure to check out our sister company…Yes-Air specializes in outdoor promotions that create traffic for a variety of retailers on a local, regional and national basis.